Report: Breaking Down Barriers – Total Talent Management Comes Of Age

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Global talent shortages are more acute than they have been for decades, while UK unemployment remains at record low levels. In this tight labour market, organisations are looking for new ways to attract workers, develop new skills, and manage their workforce.

By embracing Total Talent Management, employers can gain the complete workforce visibility required to make more strategic decisions about recruiting and managing talent.

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Embracing Total Talent Management

Our research finds that 85% of HR Directors believe in the principle of Total Talent Management, and agree that future workforce strategies will call for enterprise-wide implementation, regardless of whether workers are employed permanently or non-permanently. However, a number of important external forces and internal drivers can impact their ability to implement such an approach.

Embracing Total Talent Management

In this whitepaper, we explore the some of the key reasons why many organisations have begun the journey to Total Talent Management. We consider the external and internal factors that can impact organisations’ ability to implement such an approach, and share best practice for overcoming these challenges.

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