Finding the Best Talent
is Humanly Possible

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offering delivers the results you need: greater predictability of cost, a more efficient recruitment process, an improved candidate experience and more importantly, improved talent quality.

We design personalised RPO programmes that address unique recruitment requirements, and we’re proud that our RPO expertise has been recognised in the following achievements:

Worldwide Leader
in RPO

Leading industry analysts Everest Group have recognised us as being the global RPO leader, for seven consecutive years.

Largest Global RPO Provider

We’re proud that industry analysts Nelson Hall have given us this global accolade for the fourth year in a row.

Candidate Experience Leader

We were named one of the 50 CandE award winners out of 200+ organisations, recognising our outstanding candidate experiences.

We build industry-leading, flexible and scaleable RPO solutions that can include anything from talent sourcing and selection to onboarding. Executed under your organisation’s brand, our recruitment team will become your internal recruitment function and a completely integrated part of your organisation. This means they can completely focused on fulfilling your recruitment requirements, governed by a centralised account management structure with one primary point of contact.

Our RPO services include:

End-To-End RPO

Complete recruitment process support, encompassing everything from process design to technology management, and from change management to onboarding.

Project RPO

Addresses a seasonal or business need for a large-scale ramp up. This can be enterprise-wide, across one specific skill, geography, or business unit.

Recruitment Support

Targeted support for distinct components of the recruiting process. This typically includes: sourcing, screening, interviewing and interview scheduling.

On top of this, we also consult on a wider range of talent-related challenges. We help companies to address the challenges and opportunities around applicant tracking technology, sourcing, recruiting and optimising talent. This helps organisations get ready to implement and measure an RPO engagement.

Why RPO from ManpowerGroup Solutions?

Succeeding in a competitive marketplace requires the best talent. With thousands of recruiting professionals in over 80 countries and territories, we are the global leader in Recruitment Process Outsourcing. We can pinpoint the best and brightest candidates anywhere your business requires.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

With the largest global presence of any provider, we combine best practices from around the world with a deep understanding of local markets to ensure we find the talent you need, where you need it.

Engage the
Right Talent

We apply practical experience in making companies more competitive. We know the talent you need and have the people, process and experience to find those critical hires.

Seamless Candidate

We combine high-tech with high-touch to provide an effective, positive and professional experience which secures in-demand talent and maintains a positive brand reputation.

Scalable Customised Solutions

Through a highly collaborative partnership with our clients, we tailor every solution to reflect each organisation’s unique business strategy, specific talent needs and corporate culture.


Our customised reporting provides actionable insights for the optimisation of performance management, communication, recruitment and operational processes, training and technology.

Best In Class

Our dedicated UK compliance team is comprised of experienced professionals from the auditing sector, ensuring the highest standard of service is delivered at every stage.

Most importantly, we harness a suite of technology platforms, both proprietary and third-party, to support each stage of the hiring process and provide immediate visibility. Our RPO solutions combine the delivery expertise of our people with the power of technology. We combine advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and predictive technologies with the expertise and know-how of our people. The result? Powerful, streamlined, integrated RPO solutions that can be scaled across the entire UK, or in all four corners of the world.

Candidates Are In More Than One Place. So Are We.

The media landscape has become increasingly fragmented. There are countless ways to inform prospective candidates about job openings. As a result, building a robust talent pipeline is now an increasingly complex task. Candidate attraction efforts need to be more targeted, more proactive, and more relevant, to ensure companies stand out from the crowd.

Our attraction capabilities span every touch point: media channels specific to a company’s target audience; attention-grabbing creative adverts; compelling messages that encapsulate a company’s offering; and an engaging, seamless web experience with relevant, inspiring content.

After extensively researching candidate behaviour, our in-house media planning team will define the most effective routes to market for your hiring requirements. We advertise where your ideal candidates are, harnessing multiple, integrated channels for cumulative effect. And at every stage, we will measure, monitor, track and optimise all channels in real time, to ensure the best possible return on investment.

Added to this, our in-house Employer Value Proposition (EVP) specialists enhance the attraction of prospective candidates by defining and refining an employer brand that resonates with both passive and active candidates, and complements your consumer brand. Using focus groups and independent research to understand the values, motivations and needs of your ideal candidates, we’ll ensure our advertising and communications are perceived as both relevant and convincing.

Candidates Are Multi-Dimensional. Assessments Should Be, Too

Employers use assessments during the hiring process because they save time and money, reduce bias, improve quality of hire, reduce attribution and improve employee satisfaction. But assessment programmes are constantly evolving, so ManpowerGroup Solutions helps you to keep pace with the latest innovations to make sure you are always in the best position to compete for talent.

Candidates Are Multi-Dimensional. Assessments Should Be, Too

Comprising of a high-tech, high-touch approach, our suite of assessments enables us to combine multiple data points and information sources to get a full picture of a candidate’s eligibility and suitability for a given role. From behavioural interviews and face-to-face assessment centres, to online screening and referencing – our comprehensive assessment capabilities allow us to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the assessment programme and recalibrate as necessary, building additional efficiencies into your RPO.

Our state-of-the-art online assessment systems ensure you select the right candidates for your organisation. ROMA is our proprietary candidate screening and assessment management system, and provides a flexible, customer-oriented and fully scalable candidate management solution.

Is Your Company Ready for an RPO?

If you’re unsure on the value an RPO would deliver for your business, ManpowerGroup Solutions can review and analyse your existing sourcing strategy to identify and highlight areas for process improvement and cost savings. Typically, an RPO is an efficient, cost saving solution to help your company address a number of business challenges:

Change in Leadership

If you’re looking for new ways to recruit talent, or if you’re considering the ways in which HR can play a more strategic role, an End-to-End RPO can help you meet your goals.

Change in Strategy

When your company has a change in direction, it’s likely that you’ll require new skills that are not currently in your company. A Project RPO can help you find your workforce.

New Product Launch

Do you need to hire a high volume of talent at one time to support a new product or service launch? If so, a Project RPO can help you to break into new markets and locations.

Rapid Expansion

If you’re expanding rapidly or looking to break into new markets, Project RPOs can help you to build your employer brand and meet your deadlines.

Working in close partnership with you and your hiring managers, we can conduct a review of your current status and deliver a business case to outline our programme recommendations to ensure you deploy the right solution for your organisation.

Conducted by our experienced team, we will provide an unbiased report using our sector knowledge and capability. The information, data and observations collated during the review will highlight the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your existing relationship. We will then propose solutions to optimise the account strategy. If you decide to proceed into RPO implementation, we’ll work with you to identify and develop suitable programme innovations, added value initiatives and process efficiencies; creating a baseline for evolution.

Our RPO Success Stories

Learn how our Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions have helped a selection of leading organisations successfully overcome their talent challenges:

Food Industry Leader

Providing national volume and specialist permanent recruitment support for a world food leader.

Global Premium Airline

RPO Solution enhances recruitment process and candidate experience for a global airline.

HMRC Criminal Justice

Building a compelling employee value proposition for Criminal Justice careers in HMRC.

Engineering Support Services Organisation

Delivering a diverse range of niche skillsets for our client’s permanent workforce.

Leading Retail General Insurer

National RPO solution for leading general insurer to support volume and specialist perm recruitment.

Leading Entertainment Company

A streamlined, consistent and cost effective volume recruitment programme.