Flexible project based
engineers on demand for a
global tech company

Our client is a global tech company and a world leader in consumer transaction technologies. With their software, hardware and portfolio of services, they make nearly 550 million transactions possible every day.


Our client required a recruitment partner with the breadth of capability and experience to deliver their engineering service. ManpowerGroup Solutions has worked with this client since 2005 on a number of initiatives. The case study below relates to an ongoing project that has been in effect since 2005.

Our client’s requirements include:

  • To secure flexible, project based engineers on demand
  • Resources need to have experience of our client’s products
  • To deliver consistent, reliable UK installation service
  • Management of tasks, HR, payroll, and expenses.


  • ManpowerGroup Solutions created a flexible pool of qualified subcontractor installation engineers to be called upon to meet peak workloads
    • The engineers are supplied to an agreed rate card for each shift permutation
    • Team leads have specific client product knowledge on the job with cross training maintaining our team’s knowledge base
  • Our dedicated Contract Manager supports the team for HR management, skills matching, invoicing, and expense management.


  • Our client benefits by paying only for the days required to support each installation project. Normal utilisation runs at 60% so this equates to a 40% saving over a FTE solution and provides annual savings of £160,000+
  • Reduced management and administration burden to our client
  • Provision and retention of a more flexible workforce to match business demands more efficiently.


saving over a FTE solution


annual savings