Break Fix Services for
Multi-national Technology
and Consulting Corporation

Our client is a globally integrated enterprise operating in over 170 countries. With around 20,000 employees in the UK alone they bring innovative solutions to a diverse client base to help solve some of their toughest business challenges.


  • At the end of 2014, ManpowerGroup Solutions were awarded an outcome-based project for our client’s DSS Break Fix Services in Ireland
  • During the due diligence phase of the contract, it was identified that we would not only need to complete Requests for Services (RFSs), but also Non Ticket Work (NTW) within the fixed annual cost – putting the resources appointed to the project at risk of failing to meet monthly deliverables.


  • ManpowerGroup’s solution is comprised of 60 personnel, including three onsite staff (an operations manager, a service delivery manager and a project co-ordinator), two business operations managers, five team leads and 50 engineers
  • Following a comprehensive review of past activity and participation in forecasting and demand exercises, we jointly agreed that each engineer is capable of completing an average of five tickets daily
  • Our team services Break Fix and IMAC tickets, covering our client’s own business in Dublin along with eight of its external
  • Additional Non-Ticketed Work (NTW) and Request for Service (RFS) activity is monitored using our client’s claim system, capturing hours expended, when capped non-ticket hours have reached their maximum (on a weekly basis) and the number of RFS’s raised. The system also records the solutioning/pricing of our client’s project work through individual purchase orders for each client.


ManpowerGroup Solutions has been awarded this contract for a period of five years.
To date, results include:

  • 100% achievement against SLAs
  • Servicing an estimated 52,579 Break Fix and IMAC tickets per annum
  • Added ‘Request for Services’ for new projects due to high performance capability
  • Several plaudits from our client’s personnel on our delivery, project personnel and impact
  • Remaining on target to achieve cost savings deliverables over the five year period
  • Permission to begin phase two of implementation from external clients
  • Being directly awarded an additional project contract by one of the eight external clients based on our service delivery excellence through our primary client project.