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End Point Assessments

We’re proud to be an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO), as approved by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). All apprentices in England must now take a formal assessment at the end of their apprenticeship, and our robust, national End Point Assessment capabilities cover the delivery of the following Apprenticeship Standards: Retailer (Level 2), Retail Team Leader (Level 3); Retail Manager (Level 4), and Supply Chain Warehouse Operative (Level 2).

Our Capabilities

Our extensive heritage of sourcing, assessing, developing and managing talent means we’re ideally placed to deliver apprenticeship End Point Assessments that meet the highest quality and compliance standards. Our established relationships with governing bodies, our bespoke end-to-end technology solution, and our ability to quickly scale our assessor pool means we meet our client’s requirements quickly and consistently, while providing real-time insight at every point.

Knowledge and Expertise

We’ve worked closely with officials on the development of apprenticeships for many years. We’re User Researchers on the ESFA onboarding and certification research panel; and we’re also one of six employers that sit on the Transfers Working Group, advising the Secretary of State for Education on future apprenticeship policy.

Dedicated pool of assessors

Our pool assessors and invigilators are in-house trained, fully qualified, industry-aligned, and ready for deployment. Their national reach ensures 100% independence, scalability and access nationwide. We maintain a one-to-one assessor to apprentice ratio at all times, and each of our assessors meet ESFA stipulated requirements.

Compliance and Quality

Based on the principle of ISO 9001:2008, our independent quality assurance processes ensure quality and standardisation at each touch point – through regular process audits, spot checks, benchmark exercises and rigorous vetting processes. Underpinned by a bespoke technology solution, we’ll ensure 100% compliance with all legislative requirements.

Aligned to brand and culture

Everyone involved in our End Point Assessment programmes acts as a brand ambassador, ensuring a positive experience for all apprentices, regardless of the assessment outcome. Your Programme Manager will even spend time in each of your locations, to ensure we can place your organisation at the forefront of the minds of the local community.

Central support

In addition to your dedicated Programme Manager, our central support function for End Point Assessments is able to provide apprentices and clients with dedicated support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From scheduling assessments, to answering any questions that emerge along the way, the team will ensure a seamless experience for all.


We have invested in bespoke technology to provide end-to-end visibility, transparency and standardisation across the End Point Assessment process. This encompasses scheduling, auditing, data protection, reporting and more. In addition, we’ll also provide quality management information that provides real time insight at each stage of your programme.

The Experience for Apprentices

We’re committed to providing apprentices with a rewarding and positive End Point Assessment experience, regardless of their assessment outcome. After all, today’s apprentices are the talent that will fuel your business tomorrow. To ensure a seamless experience for each and every apprentice, we follow bespoke processes for each Standard, aligned with these guiding principles:

1. Readiness

We’ll engage with the apprentice when their training provider and employer confirms they’re ready for their assessment. Through a detailed briefing call and supporting documentation, we’ll help put the apprentices mind at ease. We can even offer apprentices a mock exam to test their knowledge and competence in advance of their End-Point Assessment, to make the assessment process less daunting for them.

2. Assess

After meeting their End Point Assessor or Invigilator, apprentices will be asked to undertake their assessment(s) to review their knowledge, skills and behaviours relevant to the training they have undertaken through their apprenticeship. This may involve online or paper-based tests; practical observations; a review of a portfolios; or professional discussions/presentations. This will all be clearly explained, to ensure the Apprentice has the best experience.

3. Completion and certification

Once each assessment element has been completed, the apprentice’s final grade will be determined by an independent End Point Assessor, based on their overall performance in their various assessments. Both the apprentice and their employer will be informed of the outcome, and we’ll share a full feedback report to highlight any areas that the apprentice should look to develop in the future.

The Experience for Employers

It’s also important to us that we deliver the effective, efficient End Point Assessment experience that our clients expect. This will ensure each employer drives the right value out of their apprenticeship programme. We’ll develop a bespoke approach to your particular needs and requirements, which will encompass the following touch points:

1. Understanding your requirements

We’ll get under the skin of your organisation, to ensure we fully understand your requirements, your brand, and your approach to the Standard(s), so we can deliver a perfectly aligned solution to your needs. Added to this, we’ll provide a detailed briefing call and supporting documentation for your managers, to help guide them through the process.

2. Conducting the End Point Assessment

Throughout the assessment process, our programme manager and dedicated central support function will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. We’ll also happily conduct weekly management calls, if you have multiple apprentices undertaking End Point Assessments.

3. Completion and feedback

Both you and your apprentices will be informed of the outcome, with feedback provided to highlight any areas for improvement. We believe that the views of clients and apprentices help us to deliver the best possible service, so we actively encourage everyone involved to leave their feedback publicly on the Feefo website.

Find out more about our End Point Assessments

Our programmes are delivered under Manpower Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of ManpowerGroup. If you’d like to learn more about our End Point Assessment capabilities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: