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In a world of accelerating change, organisations need to re-think how they view and manage talent and resources. Going forward, companies who are flexible and adapt to alternative ways of working will be more able to secure the talent they need. And, with a more holistic view of the workforce, employers will be able to meet the challenges of the Skills Revolution, which is manifesting itself through:

Shifting Demographics

Changing skill requirements mean employers have to anticipate demographic shifts, find talent from new sources, and do more to keep people engaged, in order to maintain a right-skilled organisation.

Rise of Individual Choice

As workers embrace alternative ‘NextGen’ ways of working and the gig economy has grown, talent management systems have not kept pace – leaving organisations without a clear total workforce perspective.

Customer Sophistication

Choosing where to locate, source and hire a global workforce depends on more variables and fewer constants. Analytics are needed that allow organisations to predict success – not just reflect on it.

Technological Revolution

65% of the jobs Gen Z will perform do not even exist yet. Employers need to fast track the upskilling and reskilling of existing employees – so they can address the demands of both today and tomorrow.

In the future of work, employers will need to break down the barriers between their permanent and non-permanent workforces. It’s time to focus on securing the best talent, regardless of where they are and how they wish to be employed. In its most absolute form, this is known as Total Talent Management – where one provider delivers a single resourcing service that covers both the permanent and contingent workforce.

At ManpowerGroup Solutions, we partner with many of the world’s leading organisations as they start, progress and complete their Total Talent Management journey. We’re the people who unify and connect their talent sources, analytics and technology to give the single point of truth – the intelligence needed to make more informed, strategic choices about acquiring, developing and retaining all talent types.

For those companies who are just beginning their journey to Total Talent Management, we can help you take your first steps by integrating your existing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) programmes, Managed Service Programmes (MSP), End User Services (EUS) and End Point Assessments (EPA), drawing on our extensive experience in each of these areas:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

As the global RPO leader, benchmarked by leading industry analysts, we deliver greater predictability of cost, more efficient recruitment processes, an improved candidate experience, and enhanced talent quality.

Managed Service Programmes

Through TAPFIN, we deliver comprehensive global solutions that optimise contingent workforce management and supplier performance, and were recognised by the Everest Research Group in 2017 as the Top MSP Performer.

End User Services

Proservia, our dedicated infrastructure management and end user support division, provides leading end-to-end solutions that transforms organisations’ end user services and delivers a seamless user experience.

End Point Assessments

Our extensive heritage of sourcing, assessing, developing and managing talent means we’re ideally placed to deliver apprenticeship End Point Assessments that meet the highest quality and compliance standards.

Start Your Total Talent Management Journey

It’s critical that organisations take steps towards Total Talent Management. After all, those that lack complete workforce visibility will be unable to fully harness emerging talent sources and new employment models; they will be less cost effective, productive and efficient; and they will find it challenging to compete in the changing future of work, as the Skills Revolution gathers pace. All of this will certainly have an impact on the bottom-line, too.

At ManpowerGroup Solutions, we augment organisations’ approach to talent and give them the complete workforce visibility, so they’re equipped for the future of work. With our Total Talent Management approach, organisations benefit from:

Better workforce planning capabilities

Through robust data provision and analysis, we’ll build a stronger connection between business and recruitment strategies – so you have more flexibility in your workforce model to meet the challenges of the future of work.

Enhanced ability to attract and retain talent

Our process enables you to make more informed choices about acquiring, developing and retaining talent across all employment types – allowing you to engage the entire workforce and grow your business with the best available talent.

Improved workforce management processes

With complete workforce visibility and full governance across your headcount, we’ll realise cost efficiencies and develop workforce agility, so you’re able to scale your business up and down at key times.

From securing business buy-in to managing budget considerations, we’ll help you understand the quantifiable benefits of this approach for your business; the barriers you may face along the way; and the ways to overcome them. This will enable us to build your business case – bridging the gap between current-state realities and future-state requirements.

Our Thinking

We provide market leading insights into the full range of workforce challenges and opportunities that face organisations both today and tomorrow. This helps employers better understand how the labour market is changing, the forces that are shaping it, and how to win in the future of work. With a key focus on Total Talent Management, we invite you to take a look at a selection of our insights, whitepapers, videos and events that help organisations embrace a more holistic, inclusive approach to the workforce.