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About Us

We help businesses get the most from their people. We connect them to the talent they need and optimise their workforce management processes, so they can achieve their critical business goals.

We’re global leaders in delivering workforce programmes that achieve cost savings, process efficiencies, the best available talent, mitigated risk and measurable results. We manage over £10 billion of spend in our Managed Service Programmes; we run more than 90+ End User Service operations; we deliver 250+ Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions to clients around the world; and we’re supporting some of the world’s largest organisations on their journey towards Total Talent Management.

Our ability to capitalise on new thinking, new workforce models and new possibilities as made us the most recognised and respected workforce solutions provider in the world – as benchmarked by leading industry analysts.

Closing The Talent Gap

Global migration, ageing populations, declining birth rates and a growing divide between those with in-demand skills versus those with high-supply skills mean employers are increasingly faced with a shortage of the right talent. This reconfigured labour market is forcing businesses to seek alternative workforce strategies, to secure the talent they need and drive greater productivity at competitive costs.

With extensive insight into workforce supply and demand – locally, nationally and internationally – we can guide your attraction and relocation strategies to ensure you secure the talent your business requires:

Worldwide Reach

With the largest global presence of any talent provider, we combine a deep understanding of local markets with expertise, insights and best practices from around the world.

Quality Processes

Our sourcing strategies and proven programme management capabilities will ensure you have complete visibility of supplier performance and the results you need are delivered.

Customised Solutions

Acting as a seamless extension of our clients’ businesses, we design and deliver personalised large-scale workforce programmes that reflect your unique business strategy and specific talent needs.

Applying Greater Sophistication To Talent Management

Workforce management is evolving in an age where technology and big data allow for more sophisticated work models and global talent sourcing. Organisations have the ability to apply supply chain thinking to talent acquisition and retention. Yet, accessing the multi-dimensional workforce analytics that are required to do this remains a challenge.

As organisations demand more sophisticated insights into their workforce, we have a proven ability to analyse and forecast trends impacting our clients directly, and the wider world of work:

Workforce Analytics

Harnessing trend analysis and data mining, our customised talent analytics add visibility and predictability to supplier relationships and optimise candidate attraction efforts.

Labour Market Trends

Our insights into macro labour market trends and their likely impact on talent sustainability help employers stay up-to-date on contemporary working and the future of work.

Outcomes Delivered

Our solutions are outcome-based. This means we’re driven to create innovative, practical programmes that are built to maximise results and minimise time-to-value.

Re-Imagining Employee Engagement

The expectations of skilled talent are evolving, resulting in an increasing demand for freedom, autonomy and flexibility. With the gig economy now all-pervading and portfolio careers on the rise, individuals with specialist skills are taking greater control over their careers. Workers seek work that is more personally meaningful and expect organisations to be transparent – so the importance of an authentic and distinctive employer value proposition cannot be understated.

Organisations that lack a clear employer value proposition will struggle to attract the very best talent. That’s why we develop compelling employer branding and talent attraction strategies that enable our clients to effectively engage the skills and talent they need:

Tailored Attraction Campaigns

Our in-house team of recruitment marketing specialists design and deliver bespoke attraction campaigns that build your competitiveness and enhance your employer brand.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

From their very first interaction, we ensure every applicant receives a positive and professional experience – utilising either our applicant tracking platforms or a high-touch approach.

Flexibility And Speed

Supporting with end-to-end workforce requirements or distinct project requirements – we can rapidly respond to your needs, so you can take advantage of opportunities that won’t wait for you.

Harnessing The Technological Revolution

Rapid advancements in technology are re-shaping the world of work and changing the way businesses connect and manage their workforces. It’s opening up new ways of accessing and engaging with talent pools; automating and streamlining processes, and more. Yet, none of this is possible without having highly skilled people in place that can augment and align technology solutions with business objectives, to unleash their full potential.

We drive workforce performance through a holistic blend of people, process, and technology. Harnessing a full suite of proprietary and partner technology solutions, we ensure our clients can stay ahead in the complex, connected world of work:

Partner Solutions

We partner with a number of leading organisations to extend our clients’ access to innovative and cost-effective tools, services and technologies – including Vendor Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management tools, Applicant Tracking Systems and a range of scheduling platforms.

Proprietary Tools

Based on nearly two decades of expertise in industrial psychology and technology, ROMA – our proprietary Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – is a flexible, customer-oriented candidate screening, assessment and management system, containing automated tools for key stages of the recruitment process.

Learn About Our Solutions

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