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Partnering with organisations to plan, develop and implement large scale, outsourced recruitment and workforce management programmes that meet a diverse range of business challenges.

Recruitment Process

From attraction to onboarding, and everything in between – our world class Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions are flexible, scalable and deliver the results you need.

Managed Service

TAPFIN, ManpowerGroup Solutions’ Managed Service Provider, delivers comprehensive global solutions that optimise contingent workforce management and supplier performance.

End User

Proservia, our dedicated infrastructure management and end user support division, provides leading end-to-end solutions that transforms organisations’ end user services.

End Point

Our robust, national, fully compliant End Point Assessment capabilities cover the delivery of a number of retail and warehousing Apprenticeship Standards.

Our Thinking

ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey

Our quarterly survey asks UK employers about their hiring intentions.

Candidates Are Consumers, Too

We explore the impact of hiring experiences on buying behaviours and consumer brands.

Siri, Find Me a New Job

Learn why employers should adopt a high-tech, high touch approach to attracting and engaging with jobseekers.

Talent Shortage Survey

We surveyed nearly 40,000 employers in 43 countries to learn more about the impact that talent shortages have on companies.

The Human Age Newspaper

Keep up to date with the latest workforce trends and explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the future of work.

Skills Revolution 2.0

We surveyed 20,000 employers to learn about the impact of automation on the workforce in the digital age.

Impact of Negative Hiring
Experiences on Buying Behaviour

Employer brand and consumer brand are inextricably linked. A positive candidate experience makes individuals more likely to purchase an organisation’s products or services, while a negative candidate experience can have the opposite effect. To find out more, we asked 18,000 workers how negative hiring experiences may influence their willingness to engage with a company as a consumer.

Our Solutions in Action:
HMRC Criminal Justice

HMRC Criminal Justice teams faced ever increasing competition for talent and a considerable set of challenges in attracting and retaining the right people. Despite HMRC being one of the most recognised brands, the exciting specialist jobs offered within Criminal Justice were not known. Working in partnership with ManpowerGroup Solutions, a strong talent pipeline was created in just 12 weeks.