From C-Suite to the Digital Suite: How to Lead through Digital Transformation

From C-Suite to the Digital Suite: How to Lead through Digital TransformationCompanies that embrace digital transformation are up to 26% more profitable than their competitors, and enjoy up to 12% higher market valuation. With this in mind, it comes as little surprise that organisations’ ability to transform quickly and continuously can be the difference between success and failure.

Digital transformation has to start at the top. Leaders need to create a culture of innovation, be open to change, and willing to take calculated risks. They also need to be even more agile than ever before, and able to deliver in the short-term while adapting for the long-term. In short, leaders need to lead differently.

Yet, most organisations – including those that are ahead of the game – say that their leadership pipeline and existing leaders are not yet prepared to fully tackle the challenges of digital transformation. In fact, almost 9 out of 10 HR leaders do not believe they have the leadership talent required to drive success.

To lead in the digital age, business leaders need to combine the best of human and machine intelligence to create an inclusive, tech-enabled and forward-thinking company. We invite you to download our latest whitepaper to learn more about how to develop a digitally-enabled and transformation-ready leadership team.